BCI Group Launches Super Energy Complex in The Carbon Neutral Sector

Press release – Newsfile

BCI Group, a leading zero-carbon infrastructure service provider in China, officially released China’s first Super Energy Complex solution.

The announcement said that BCI Group would gradually promote the layout of the Super Energy Complex through the integrated power architecture, the carbon reduction infrastructure model and the integrated reuse of electricity, water, heat and pollution resources. In a sense, the plan can also be seen as a public sustainable development product, improving the carbon reduction capacity of the digital industry chain and effectively controlling greenhouse gas emissions.

How the Super Solution Works:

On the energy side, the Super Energy Complex sinks to the bottom of the industrial chain, builds a significant wind and solar power farm in the resource-based area where renewable energy is enriched and transforms the energy consumption of abandoned wind and light into a green electricity public service that the Super Energy Complex park can use for 100% of the Super Energy Complex through the comprehensive structure of the source network load adjustment, to realize the cascade utilization of energy, and then enhance the carbon reduction capacity of the downstream digital economy and digital transformation, and effectively control greenhouse gas emissions.

On the campus side, the Super Energy Complex establishes a zero-carbon park full-stack carbon reduction model. On the one hand, starting from the bottom of the supply chain, the white box production of zero-carbon equipment manufacturing supply chains such as mechanical and electrical, HVAC, servers, and electricity is laid out in the zero-carbon park to ensure carbon reduction in the whole process of the supply chain. On the one hand, the parallel and efficient development of green park space and high availability and low latency link services reduce carbon emissions in park construction and transform the green value into economic value.

On the city side, the Super Energy Complex maximizes the public and charitable attributes. The complex park will achieve heating, power supply, sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse, and other public infrastructure through the integration of electricity, water, heat and pollution resources to build and share; the cold source and waste heat recovery in the park can provide municipal heating, greenhouse agriculture, cold chain logistics, ice and snow sports services; the whole process of the Super Energy Complex, the entire property landed in the resource-based areas of the central and western regions, to build an inclusive carbon platform further, tap the carbon sink value of the resource-based parts. Contribute value to global net zero carbon emissions.

The company said that its entrepreneurial team has fully experienced and intensely practiced the whole infrastructure process in the digital age from “self-interest” to “altruism,” and actively practicing the zero-carbon road in the digital era is the entire industrial concept and original entrepreneurial intention of the entrepreneurial team. The BCI Group Super Energy Complex will become a public service and product for altruism and white box, creating a new generation of neutral, open and inclusive global information infrastructure platforms.